The £1 fee.

We’re extremely grateful to Chris Moss, who oversees the collection of our £1 match fees.

What are they for and how are they used?

Most organised activities require some level of financing and Fellowship Snooker is no exception.

For us, the very reasonable £5 charge that we pay each evening is paid directly to the snooker club and covers the cost of food and two frames of snooker.

There are occasions however when even this small  amount can be a burden to someone, if they are going through a difficult time financially.  It’s at times like this, that we tend to tighten our money belts and one of the first things to be dropped would likely be the snooker.

In these circumstances we should like to see people feel that they were able to come and play snooker  regardless of whether they could afford the £5 or not. Without embarrassment, we would like them to be able to pay what they can afford and collectively as a league would cover the difference.

Additionally, we need to raise funds pay for occasional things like new trophies, engraving etc., To raise funds to cover these, we decided that the best way was to ask everyone to pay a small additional amount each week and £1 covers all this adequately.

Chris Moss