‘Fruitfulness in Snooker’

Starting in September, we plan to run a series of eight monthly meetings for anyone interested in improving Fellowship Snooker and making it better than it already is.

In doing so, we’ll be looking at various aspects of the model that Jesus has given us. Whether you’re a believer or not, Jesus is considered to be one of history’s great spiritual teachers. Much of what he spoke about involved experiencing personal peace and harmony in our relationships with others. What specifically could someone who lived 2000 years ago have to say to a group of snooker players in Sudbury today? Come and find out.

Fellowship Snooker draws in all sorts of people, from all walks of life. As a group, this might be just what we are looking for to kick on with Fellowship Snooker, extend our invitation to other men and women in our community and deepen our friendships with each other.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday September 6th. 7.30pm at Number 72, North Street, Sudbury

Be glad to see you there.

Paul T