On each evening, 4 of the league’s teams are scheduled to play (last season it was 3).

The Points System

The points system this season operates differently from last.

Instead of receiving separate appearance points, each player will receive 4 points for each frame that they win, 3 points for a draw, 2 points for a loss and 1 point if they are standing in for someone else.

Stand In Players

This season, players are not allowed to double up by standing in for another player in their team,  if  they are already playing for their team that evening.

Ability Groups

Just like last season, each team contains six players who are  arranged into three pairs.

 Each evening the teams grade their pairs A, B or C according to their ability.

‘A’s’  are are considered to be the team’s best pair, C’s are the pairs that they consider to be the least proficient.

As far as it’s possible,  this season pairs will play against other pairs who are in the same ability group

Elitist Extravaganza, Mediocre Mayhem and Dustbin Derby

This season, these trophies will be played for on one finals evening which is being held at the end of the season.

Regardless of whichever ability group they have taken part in, the twelve pairs, who have won the most points during the course of the season will be invited to play off for the;

Elitist Extravaganza (top 4 pairs), Mediocre Mayhem (pairs 5-8) and Dustbin Derby (pairs 9-12) titles.

If pairs are unavailable on the night, replacements will be invited in order of their points tally from the remaining pairs.

The format for each section on finals evening will be;

First, two semi finals, then 3rd place play off

and then the final.

Changes to the Rules this Season.