Reliability In Fellowship Snooker is vital.

It’s difficult to organise any kind of sporting activity, if you are unsure whether the participants are likely to turn up -even when they’ve indicated that they will.  Sometimes, the cancellation of prior arrangements is unavoidable, as things do come up at the last minute e.g. people become ill. However, if this sort of thing becomes a regular occurence, then maybe it’s time to take stock?

Unfortunately, when we make a habit of letting people down, whether we like it or not, we give the appearance that we consider our time to be more important than the people that we leave hanging around waiting for us. Worse still, it can leave the unmistakable impression that we don't really care very much about the people we are meeting.

Reliability in Fellowship Snooker is important, because we base everything upon trying to the follow the example of Christ. He is reliable. His followers (Christians) are called, as far as they are able, to follow Jesus’ example.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Jesus could not be relied upon. Supposing in Matthew’s gospel chapter 28 verse 20 instead of saying “I am with you always, even to the end of the age”, he said “I might be with you, depending if I feel like it or not!” Do you think that over the centuries so many of his followers would have sacrificed their time and their lives to: start hospitals; carry out aid work; care for the poor/the sick; and be prepared to face death and imprisonment rather than deny their faith?

It’s great when we see both Christians and non-Christians modelling this type of behaviour - when they put the needs of others before their own and are prepared to step in at the last minute to save matches from being withdrawn. This means sparing others the disappointment of turning up at an appointed time, only to have their matches cancelled.  These people are the backbone of Fellowship Snooker and they deserve our utmost thanks.