knockout and presentation evening

Knockout and Presentation


This season’s knockout and Presentation Evening is a curtain raiser for the Autumn/Winter Season.

We’ve decided to try holding it on a Saturday evening this time, rather than on Sunday. There are a number of advantages. The main one being that on Saturday, we’ve been able to book the whole venue. This means that all  five snooker tables will be at our disposal rather than the usual three.

The effect should be that we’ve got more time, which will enable us to play 25 minute frames rather than shorter games that  we’ve played before. There’s the added bonus of us being able to have a comfortable five minute cushion in between  frames.



Arthur Dalgleish  

Chris Blinman

Chris Moss

Les Snow  

Dillon Provis

Frank Marsden  

Gavin Clarke

Mark Brown

Paul Billimore  

Graham Gilbert

Dave Senior

David Butcher

Den Brown

Jan Williamson

John Bromley

Malcolm Allard

Paul Bunton

Richard Holmes

Rob Aitken

Roger Thackeray

Steve Pugh

Stuart Walton

Nigel Smith


Mark Gillett

Ben Felton  

Paul Tamsett

Ben Rush

Pete Biggins  

Nicky Biggins  

John Baillie

Pete Davy

Mark Ruane

Dave Webber


Saturday 10th September